24 April 2005

24 April 2005 (miata)

Last week I bought a Dension DH-100ix MP3 player, which is a standard-sized car stereo with a 40 gigabyte hard disk cartridge, so it doesn't take up any precious boot space. It came with a buggy firmware version, but after fixing it, I couldn't love it more. It's just what I needed -- the ability to listen to any music anytime. Also check out this 1:18 beauty I bought from

On a completely unrealted note, yesterday I had to stop on the hard shoulder because I... wait for this... ran out of gas. The problem was, I somehow expected the dashboard to have a small warning light that would go off and warn me in time to buy some gas. It turns out this is too much luxury to expect from a hardcore roadster like the Miata :)

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