Goblin is a free implementation of the board game Gobblet, for Windows and Unix/Linux systems. It is a small program written in Python, using the GTK+ GUI toolkit. The rules of the game are explained in this handy PDF file.

I've written Goblin because I've always wanted to try writing a small GUI application using RAD tools. Goblin was written in a couple of hours, including the design of the user interface, and the most difficult task of coming up with a good-looking combination of colours.

Future plans



Most Linux distributions readily include Python and GTK+, so you should be ready to run Goblin. Just download the tarball from below, and extract it somewhere. As long as all the included files stay in the same directory, you can run it from anywhere.


To run Goblin on Windows, you will need to download and install the Python runtime and the GTK+ library. Instructions (with links to the actual downloads) are available on this page. Once these are installed, just download and extract the Goblin zip archive from the link below.