Luggage space extravaganza

9 September 2006 (miata) (1 comment)

Although I've had the car for more than a year now, last week was my first week-long excursion in it. Last saturday, my girlfriend and I drove to the Croatian beaches. Of course, knowing the limitations of the 140-something litre boot, we packed light, but until everything fit, I was afraid we'll have to empty our bags and start again.

Click on the picture below to see a video clip (shot at arrival) showing how baseless my worries were: the space proved to be enough by a large margin.

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miksa 2007-03-16 20:24:44

jéééé télleg!!! emlékszem h még kértem is a VPG bulin, fotózd le nekem hogy fértek be. azaz a csomagok ;P

köszi ;)